Hosted PBX
Overview of functions

Hosted PBX Overview of functions

Whether in parallel call or on hold with different strategies, under groups several users can be connected to a call group and can answer incoming calls optimally according to your needs.

With an IVR, menus can be created through which the caller can navigate by pressing sequences of digits. (Ex: “Press one for accounting, two for support, 3 for questions”).

Send and receive fax messages without additional hardware. You will receive the notification about the success or failure of a sending operation by mail to the same address that was configured for receiving the incoming fax messages.

Make incoming and outgoing calls with your office number, no matter where you are in the world. With the app for Android and iOS, you can change your status, activate answering machines, and even set up call forwarding.

Record important incoming and outgoing calls and save them either locally on the respective PC.

Control incoming calls with up to 10 different scenarios per phone number, such as by date or day of the week and at the exact time. Store announcements for callers before and/or after the dial plan, set up music on hold and voice mail boxes.

Block numbers from unwanted callers, like call centers. With a filter function you can also block entire number ranges.

Log them in on a phone at another location or in the home office. Via shortcut keys, for example, configured function keys can be loaded on any device that is linked to the Hosted PBX.

Via the address book you can set up a global address book for all employees. The contacts can be easily imported and also exported again. A connection to an LDAP server is also possible. Announcements before and/or after dialplan, set up music on hold and voice mail boxes.

Your personal URL will take you to the Web Gui, where the Hosted PBX can be fully controlled.

SIP users can be set up with the help of the wizard. Through this wizard, all the important information needed to provision the terminal is requested, also the settings for the CTI and softphone are saved.

So that you do not have to configure all end devices manually, the Hosted PBX provides a tool with which you can transfer configurations automatically to an end device.

In the so-called dial plans you can determine what should happen with calls to the numbers. (Time and date controlled, per phone number).

Under Announcements/ Music on hold, audio files can be uploaded or recorded for use in dial plans and/ or mailboxes bound to users/phones. Various options are available for this purpose.

You can invite internal and/or external participants to a conference call directly via the Hosted PBX web interface. Direct dial-in is also possible, which can be protected by means of a PIN.

To protect you from attacks, our system automatically blocks IP addresses from which too many unsuccessful login attempts have been made. You can easily control the unblocking of blocked IP addresses or the manual creation of an IP whitelist.

Make calls from your laptop and benefit from many features, such as contact transfer from Outlook and logging in and out of groups. The CTI can be operated either standalone (softphone) or in combination with a hardphone. The CTI client is not a normal softphone, but it was specially adapted to the Hosted PBX and has a range of functions thanks to its own interfaces, which would not be possible with the normal connection of a SIP softphone to a SIP phone exchange.

The mapping function can be used to rewrite destination numbers. For example, it is possible to set up speed dials for external numbers or to store short numbers in the dial plans.

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