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For number porting, the number porting authorization for mobile numbers should be filled out and submitted to netvoip.

The number porting can take place on the regular termination date or on another desired date. In case of early porting (before the termination date), penalty fees may be incurred by the current provider. We recommend to clarify this with the current provider in advance.

All roaming packages are valid for 365 days from the date of order.

Additional data packages for Switzerland are valid for 30 days from the date of order.

Sending MMS and Premium SMS is not possible with netvoip Mobile.

The netvoip Mobile subscriptions have a cancellation period of 1 month (to the end of each month). The cancellation may be sent in writing by e-mail or by post to the following addresses:

Mail: netvoip AG, Alpenstrasse 1, 8803 Rüschlikon, Switzerland

For prepaid subscriptions, you should first release your number for porting. To do this, send an SMS to the number 499 with the following text content: JA

After that, we can port your number to us without any problems after we receive the porting form from you.

As soon as your old provider has accepted the number transfer, netvoip will inform you about the date of the transfer.

With netvoip Mobile, you remain flexible and can switch to another subscription at any time. The new subscription is activated at the beginning of the following month.

In case of a new Combox message, netvoip will inform you automatically and quickly via SMS. You can listen to the message by calling. An info via Visual Voicemail is currently not supported.

Example SMS notification for a new voicemail message:

You have received a new voicemail notification from +4144XXXXXXX on 10/03/2022, 10:15:22. Please dial +41XXXXXXX by calling to get to your voicemail.

Depending on the device and/or device configuration, it may be necessary to re-enter the APN data network settings (Internet access point) when changing the SIM card. If your mobile data network connection is not available after changing the SIM card, adjust the APN data network settings as follows.



1. Settings 1. Settings
2. Connections 2. Connections
3. Mobile networks 3. Mobile data network
4. Access point 4. APN Name: chili (Username & Password: leave blank)
5. Add new access point
6. APN Name: chili (Username & Password: leave blank)


The mobile data should now be available. If this is not the case, please contact the netvoip support team:

  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: +41 44 527 44 44

The eSIM variant is also available at netvoip.

These technologies are currently not supported at netvoip.

After subscription, a new number is issued automatically. Special numbers (premium mobile numbers) are also available on request. You may request a selection incl. one-time costs directly via the netvoip contact form.

You are welcome to send us the completed order form.

If you already have a number and would like to transfer it as well, we also need the number porting form.

Basically, we always recommend asking about the cancellation conditions before making a change.

When switching to netvoip Mobile incl. number porting, your mobile subscription with your current provider will be automatically cancelled as soon as the number porting has taken place.

If you sign up for netvoip Mobile and want a new number, you are responsible for canceling your old subscription with your current provider.

We offer several payment methods:

Mobile subscriptions:

  • Direct debit (LSV)
  • Invoice via postal delivery (CHF 2.50/invoice)
  • Invoice via e-mail (free of charge)

Mobile Prepaid:

  • Credit card
  • PostFinance
  • PayPal

Your order will be checked in the first place – all requested data are necessary for activation.

After opening your customer account, you will receive a link for authentication via e-mail or SMS. After successful authentication, the SIM will be delivered to you. Please have a valid ID document ready as soon as you start the authentication process.

Once you are registered with netvoip as a mobile customer, we provide you with the following options:

  • web-based customer portal with username and password
  • netvoip Mobile App

You can find the netvoip Mobile App in your App Store (iOS) as well as in your Play Store (Android). The app is completely cost-free for you.

We’ll be happy to add you to our newsletter list if you wish. Write us a message for it on:

Netvoip Mobile runs on Salt’s network coverage. You can check the coverage at your location at any time on the following network coverage map: Network coverage

The netvoip support team is available by phone or email on the following days/times:

  • Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 17.00

There are no contract periods for netvoip Mobile subscriptions. When switching to another provider, simply take the 1-month notice period into account.


  • You cancel your subscription on 03.03.2022
  • Your subscription will be cancelled on 30.04.2022

As soon as the limit of your quota (data, calls, SMS) is reached, you will be informed by netvoip via SMS.

  • Data volume: you can book a data package at any time via the mobile app
  • Anrufe: according to mobile tariff plan
  • SMS: according to mobile tariff plan

The netvoip does not offer smartphones.

On you have a tariff calculator at your disposal. Click here to go directly to the calculator:

Here you can go directly to the zone overview:

We offer the choice of three different DataSIM subscriptions with different data quotas.

More information: DataSIM subscriptions

The following conditions apply:

Mobile subscriptions:

From a consumption of 25 GB within the same month, the available bandwidth will be limited to a maximum of 2048/2048 Kbit/s. By booking an additional data package, the maximum bandwidth is available again.


From a consumption of 50 GB within the same month, the available bandwidth will be limited to a maximum of 2048/2048 Kbit/s. By booking an additional data package, the maximum bandwidth is available again.

Your main SIM can be extended with a maximum of two additional data SIMs for mobile data usage. This will use the quota of the main SIM.

You can use the additional data SIM for your cell phone, tablet, notebook, etc.. It is important that these devices have a SIM slot for data cards.

What services are included in the unlimited call volume?

  • outgoing calls from Switzerland to Switzerland
  • outgoing calls from Switzerland to all countries in zone 1
  • outgoing calls from all countries in zone 1 to Switzerland
  • outgoing calls from all countries in zone 1 to all countries in zone 1
  • incoming calls in all countries of zone 1

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