Business Trunk for VoIP-system

Business Trunk

The ideal interface for your VoIP-system

Our Business Trunk allows you to connect your existing VoIP-system to the netvoip phone network. Your phone system and all associated phone devices can continue to be used unchanged.

The 4 most popular functions

define the number to be displayed for outgoing calls

Forwarding to predefined destination number (e.g. in case of failure of own VoIP-system)

Authentication methods (user name/password or via IP address)

number blocking

Your benefits

easy integration of your own VoIP-system

phone devices can still be used

flexible number of voice channels bookable

cost-effective solution with individual customer portal


All listed prices are in CHF and excl. value added tax (VAT).


One-time costs

ServiceCosts excl. VAT
Activation fees for an authenticated trunk100.00
Activation fees for a static trunk200.00

*    Activation fees are per trunk
** Authenticated trunk: login via user name and password   /   Static trunk: logon via static IP address

Recurring costs

ServiceCost excl. VAT
Voice channel*5.00
Call number*0.50

Costs per pcs.

Flatrate Switzerland

PackageIncluded minutes landlineIncluded minutes mobile networkCosts excl. VAT
Flat S1‘50030049.00
Flat M8‘0002‘000199.00
Flat L16‘0004‘000349.00
Flat XL35‘0008‘000749.00
Calls to special numbers with the 084X or 090X prefix are subject to the fixed prices of the number operators. Calls to special numbers abroad, such as value-added or premium services, are charged at higher rates, some of which are not published. Incoming and outgoing calls are billed by the second. No charges are made for call set-up. All prices without guarantee – prices are subject to change at any time.

Optional costs (one-time)

ServiceCosts excl. VAT
Porting single number (PSTN/VoIP)38.00
Porting ISDN-block38.00
Porting DDI-block391.00

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